Karachi Relief Trust

Internally Displaced People of Swabi - 2009

Our team visited the relief camps in affected areas and viewed the food situation first hand. We saw an opportunity to empower the community and so purchased and installed 13 Tandoors (ovens) at 6 different camps; we then hired people from within the camps (on daily wages of Rs. 500/ day, paid by KRT) to work on the installed tandoors and they provide up to 8,000 naans(bread) each day for the residents of the camps.

We also took note that most people had no other clothing except what they had on. Instead of providing hand-me-downs, we took the initiative to provide tailoring centers at the camps. We invested in the purchase of sewing machines and set up tailoring stations for men and women, complete with electricity, fans and generously donated clothing and other essential raw materials. We introduced a token system to have people come to the tailoring centers in the morning for measurements and have their new clothes ready the same evening. Each of the tailors (70% women) at the center were hired on daily wages (paid by KRT) from within the camp residents and produced over 500 suits per day.

With the scorching heat, we saw the need to provide relief for certain perishable daily necessities such as milk. Through the generous donation of one of our sponsors, we supplied refrigerated trucks that supply fresh milk and juices to the camp residents who had children.

We located an empty building (old Swabi Police station), negotiated and paid for rental from the landlord and converted the building to provide an alternate shelter from the tent living in the camps. The building housed 150 – 200 people from the camps, which provided full kitchen and food along with better living and sanitary conditions.

Keeping in mind the youngest of the affected we had invested in and initiated a sports program that provided uniforms and kits for various competitive sports activities such as football and cricket. This provided a welcome distraction and stress relief for the children, keeping them constructively busy and mentally healthy.