Karachi Relief Trust

Earthquake in Balochistan - 2013

On September 24, 2013 a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck Baluchistan’s districts of Awaran, Mashkai, Gashkor, Pirandar, Tertij, Mangoli, Labach and Malar. Three days later another earthquake hit of 7.1 magnitude hit Mashkay and Nokjo. Over 500 people have been killed in this disaster, over 5,000 families are affected and 125,000 houses have been damaged. The affected families are in dire need of help! KRT sent its team to survey the affected area and assess the need of the affectees by contacting on-ground volunteers and government agencies and talking to the local people. Awaran district is among the poorest of the poor in our country. The victims have an immediate need for food rations, medicines, clean water and other basic survival items.

Karachi Relief Trust's intervention

KRT’s intervention at this time is to provide the following for up to 1000 families:

  • Household items
  • Medical Care
  • Solar Power

Household Items

KRT’s household items aim to provide the earthquake affected families with basic necessities that they will need to start off with on their journey towards normalcy. Each trunk of household items will include the following per family:

Sr. Items Quantity for 1 Set
1 Tent 1
2 Pillow 2
3 Charpai 2
4 Chattai 2
5 Blanket 2
6 Bed Sheet 1
7 Tarpal 1
8 Mosquito Net 2
9 Towel 1
10 Suits for Ladies & Gents 4
11 Suits for Children 6
12 Slippers (Ladies, gents and children) 8
13 Small Pot 1
14 Pot for food 1
15 Plastic plates small 6
16 Plastic plates big 6
17 Tawa 1
18 Chimta 1
19 Knife 1
20 Cooking spoon 1
21 Water cooler 1
22 Plastic bucket 1
23 Bag 1
24 Torch with Batteries 1

We estimate each trunk of household items to cost PKR 30,000.

Medical Care

KRT is in talks with local doctors and other agencies to ascertain which priority medicines and medical supplies are required to treat the survivors of this devastating earthquake. We will be posting more information regarding our plan on how to tackle this issue and minimize the spread of diseases and other disaster related medical problems.

Solar Power

In order to facilitate the affected families and provide them the means to sustain their lives, KRT feels that providing these people with solar power would deeply assist this cause. We aim to raise funds to acquire solar power units which would supply power to support at least one light bulb, a fan, etc. Our estimate is that each solar power unit would cost at least PKR 20,000.