Karachi Relief Trust

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Shikarpur Camp

IDPs: 1,800

A total of 1800 people are being looked after in a total of 3 neighboring schools, Islamia Primary School, Islamia High School and Qazi Habibullah.

The Shikarpur camp has just built 6 new bathrooms and 3 showers and a clothes washing area to supplement the existing infrastructure. We have built outdoor cooking houses and completed an efficient drainage system. Constant camp activities, cleaning and repair work is done by staff hired by Karachi Relief Trust from within the IDPs. These people are given daily wages for their labor. This activity helps inculcate a sense of responsibility and is geared towards sustainable development of the camps.

We have systematically created identity cards and developed a detailed report of all the IDPs housed in these camps. Social Activities and Games for children are to be developed which include Activities for women like stiching and cleaning. Children have been provided with footballs and cricket kits to keep them busy and help them cope with the trauma of losing their homes.

2 doctors are on call at these camps. In addition to providing medical assistance, these doctors also conduct sessions on community and awareness building.

Shikarpur Camp
Qambar Camp

IDPs: 5,500

Our largest camp at the moment is at Qambar. This camp was originally housing 2500 people. After Dadu got flooded, 2500 more people were added to this camp. As of now, this camp is taking care of 5500 people. People are housed in 2 government schools and the new IDPs are residing in tents in an open ground near the schools. 2 doctors are volunteering there full-time with a complete stock of medicines to address the needs of this camp. Red Cross doctors have periodically visited this camp to help out. In addition to providing them with hot meals 2 times a day, the camp is providing sufficient bathroom facilities and washing areas.

Thatta/Makli Camp

IDPs: 2,000
Families: 211

Unlike the other camps, Thatta/makli is located in an open ground of the Steel Workers Colony. That makes this our largest “tented” community. This camp is providing relief to over 2000 people. Karachi Relief Trust is housing all the IDPs coming into this region in tents capable of sheltering a family of 8 people. Having no access to gas, KRT has set up large out-door kitchens using wood fires to cook hot meals using local IDPs to help in the cooking and distributing process.

Volunteers from Karachi come regularly to do three sessions of an hour each to educate the children and adults about basic health awareness and hygiene. These volunteers are working with various educational institutions to develop a literacy program targeting adults as well as children. This program is to be implemented soon in the camps and then extended to the villages once the rehabilitation process begins.

Various social activities have been taking place in this KRT camp. Cricket tournaments are arranged frequently to provide the IDPs a reprieve from the hardships they have been suffering. Footballs have also been distributed in this camp to ensure a healthy and active lifestyle by the members of the camp. Women who are often the key victims of the mental trauma caused by the devastating floods are offered a chance to forget about their problems by focusing on stitching and embroidery using supplies provided by the camp coordinators.

Adopt a Camp - Donation

Adopt a Camp

Details: Sindh/Balochistan

PKR 100/- (USD 1/-) per person per day

This will cover three meals, health & medicine, sanitation, camp management, water & other social needs.

Minimum donations for one day's living:

  • 25 persons: PKR 2,500/- (USD 29/-) per day
  • 100 persons: PKR 10,000/- (USD 118/-) per day
  • 500 persons: PKR 50,000/- (USD 588/-) per day
  • 1,000 persons: PKR 100,000/- (USD 1,176/-) per day