Karachi Relief Trust

Adopt a Camp - Flood Relief 2011

IDPs: 1,500

A total of 1500 people are being looked after in KRT's Relief Camps. These camps are currently being operated in Bhugra Memon and Seerani. As the situation is getting worse, more and more displaced people are moving away from their flooded homes. KRT is continuing to grow the number of camps so that more affectees can be taken care of. We are currently working towards setting up camps in Nawabshah and Tando Ghulam Ali.

In these camps we have built outdoor cooking houses and completed an efficient drainage system. Constant camp activities, cleaning and repair work is done by staff hired by Karachi Relief Trust from within the IDPs. These people are given daily wages for their labor. This activity helps inculcate a sense of responsibility and is geared towards sustainable development of the camps.

We have systematically created identity cards and are developing detailed reports of all the IDPs housed in these camps. Social Activities and Games for children are to be developed which include Activities for women like stitching and cleaning. Children have been provided with footballs and cricket kits to keep them busy and help them cope with the trauma of losing their homes.

Adopt a Camp - Donation

Adopt a Camp

PKR 150/- (USD 1.75/-) per person per day

This will cover three meals, health & medicine, sanitation, camp management, water & other social needs.

Minimum donations for one day's living:

  • 25 persons: PKR 3,750/- (USD 43/-) per day
  • 50 persons: PKR 7,500/- (USD 86/-) per day
  • 100 persons: PKR 15,000/- (USD 172/-) per day
  • 500 persons: PKR 75,000/- (USD 860/-) per day
  • 1,000 persons: PKR 150,000/- (USD 1,720/-) per day